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Industrial Process Monitoring


Thermal imaging camera monitoring provides automated inspection, process control, and condition monitoring

Many industries benefit from monitoring systems to ensure quality and consistency. Applications include frozen and cooked foods, bottling and canning processes, automotive manufacturing, paper and wood product manufacturing, and many more.


Viper’s System Solution

Processes that require temperature control can greatly benefit from the implementation of thermal imaging camera systems. Viper's system solution helps increase quality and consistency while reducing the need for destructive product testing.

FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras are installed to verify temperatures and locations. Viper's systems are customized to view as much of the process as necessary while using as few cameras as possible.  


Key Benefits

  • Instant notification alarm for temperature or shape beyond preset parameters
  • Maximize production rate and process speed
  • Increased quality and consistency
  • Provides quantitative temperature readout and remote visual monitoring for plant management
  • Reliable and rugged system designed for harsh environments
  • Easy integration into existing plant control system

System Solution Components

FLIR cameras are integrated with ViperVision software which directly communicates with most industrial platform controllers. The software will analyze and compare the data against predefined parameters and will trigger an alarm if warranted. These parameters can be adjusted based on the specific application needs.

Every thermal imaging camera is mounted in an industrial camera enclosure that uses the appropriate purge and pressurization to protect the camera equipment. Viper Imaging provides solutions for Class I, Division I and Division II environments.

Some Examples of Viper's System Solution

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