iPad Empowered Predictive Maintenance

GTI Predictive Technology offers excellent on-site service and cutting-edge tools to help you control your predictive maintenance program. From vibration analysis to balancing, alignment and thermography analysis, GTI is ready to meet your needs. With GTI’s innovative technology, you can power our predictive analysis tools on an iPad that we have transformed into a powerful data collector and field balancing tool. All of our iPad-powered services feature advanced software and hardware add-ons. 

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

VibePro 7

GTI's latest vibration analyzer software release, VibePro 7 improves on the already great VibePro application used for route data collection, reporting and trending. The latest update includes high-resolution mode, more advanced route editing capabilities, custom value data capture/trending, and a machine point library for faster route creation. VibePro makes the iPad one of the best and most intuitive data collectors available. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Wireless Dual Channel Accelerometer

The iPad Vibration Analyzer is now wireless with the new dual channel wireless accelerometer. It is the only product of its kind to offer balancing wirelessly enabling easier than ever field balancing. The wireless setup makes GTI's iPad Platform the ideal data collector. The accelerometer is waterproof enabling a great permanent mount setup with the integrated USB input for external power solutions.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Balance Pro

Unbalance is a leading cause of damage in rotating equipment. The stress over time caused by imbalance leads to early failure and unnecessary downtime. Common causes of imbalance include: looseness, thermal changes, tooling changes, maintenance repairs, bent shafts, bowed shafts, and product build up (found commonly in blowers, compressors, and fans). Imbalance can also be an indicator of old equipment caused by corrosion or erosion of the bearings, rotors, or seals. 

Everything from belt pulleys, fans, ventilators, couplings, compressors, blowers, motors, and other rotating equipment can benefit from being balanced.