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Introducing the Viper Predator System

In response to a need for an uncomplicated approach to industrial hot spot detection, Viper Imaging designed a powerful, yet simple out-of-the-box solution. Utilizing thermal imaging technology, the Viper Predator system continuously monitors temperature. Suited for multiple types of industrial applications, the Predator identifies hot spots before anomalies cause problems.

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Quick Deploy Solution for Substation Monitoring

UPDATE: Study originally conducted March-April 2018. Based on customer feedback, Viper has made developments to further enhance system functionality and portability. See comments throughout report.

Viper worked with a company known as an innovation leader in energy production. We collaborated with the substation engineering team at one of the company’s facilities to develop a means of monitoring multiple substation locations. By use of such a system, engineering teams are better equipped to respond in real time to sudden changes, facilitating continued uptime while working safely and effectively.

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