The P250 and P450 are portable infrared pyrometers specifically designed for non-contact temperature measurement between 300°C to 1900°C in demanding industrial environments. They allow for simple temperature measurement in applications such as welding, tempering, hardening, annealing, molten glass, steel forging and reheat furnaces.

Equipped with high-quality focusable optics, the P250 and P450 can target from distances up to 29 feet (9 meters) with accuracy of +/- 0.3% of the measured value. With a response time of a few milliseconds, they allow for accurate measurement of even fast-moving objects. These units feature bluetooth and USB connectivity so data can be quickly and easily downloaded to a PC or mobile device for analysis.

P250 - Spectral Range 1.6 µm  |  Temperature Range 300 - 1600°C

P450 - Spectral Range 1.0 µm  |  Temperature Range 550 - 1900°C 


Key features:

  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Fast response time - within milliseconds
  • Focusable precision optics
  • Temperature display in the view finder and on the multi-function display
  • Measuring functions: Normal, Average, Maximum
  • Standard Bluetooth and USB Connectivity
  • Small spot sizes
  • Large data storage for data analysis

Now available through Viper Imaging.