Viper A-Series Infrared Pyrometers

Viper A-Series Infrared Pyrometers


Pyrometers are available in single-color and two-color options. Needs in a majority of applications are met using single-color pyrometers for precise temperature measurement. A two-color pyrometer is recommended for applications involving changes in emissivity, surface finish, or energy-absorbing contaminants in surroundings such as smoke, water vapor, and dust. 

A-Series pyrometers have fast response time (within milliseconds) which ensures very quick temperature measurement that is required in fast heating processes.

  • A250 and A450 are single-color options while A450C is a two-color model. These pyrometers allow the user to toggle between single and two-color modes.

  • A150 is a specially designed model which operates at the near end of the IR spectrum. It is an excellent choice for measurement of ferrous and non-ferrous metals above 150°C as the emissivity of un-oxidized metal surfaces is higher at shorter wavelengths.

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  • Sintering

  • Annealing

  • Melting

  • Welding

  • Rolling mills

  • Forging

  • Hardening

  • Induction heating

  • Casting

Features and Facts:

  • USB or Analog output

  • Highly accurate, compact and economical

  • User-friendly PC software for communication

  • Digital display (P110)

  • High Precision Targeting via Laser Targeting (PL) or Through The lens view finder (TL)

  • Power supply: 24VDC

  • Ruggedized housing

Viper A-series Infrared Pyrometers

Viper A-series Infrared Pyrometers