Python Aluminum Pyrometers

Python Aluminum Pyrometers


Viper's Python Aluminum Pyrometers are designed for measuring temperature of materials with low or variable emissivity. This includes aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and other non-ferrous materials. Our pyrometers are highly accurate (+/- 1%) even in extreme environments.

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Features & Facts:

  • Measuring targets with variable emissivity

  • USB output (Analog output option also available)

  • Mobile application software for Android via Bluetooth

  • User-friendly PC software for communication

  • Four temperature ranges

  • Simple to use - no calibration required

  • Power supply: 24VDC

  • Ruggedized housing


  • Aluminum extrusion

    • Billets

    • Profiles

  • Aluminum rolling

  • Aluminum forging

  • Aluminum continuous casting

  • Molten aluminum

  • Copper and brass billets

  • Copper and brass forging

Python Aluminum Pyrometers

Python Aluminum Pyrometers

Pyrometer Scanners

Viper’s Python Aluminum IN and EX are also available in multi-wavelength non-contact pyrometer scanners. These scanners use special algorithms to accurately calculate both the actual temperature and emissivity of the surface. Scanning mode, range, step and time are adjustable to the application.

Python AlumiScan.png