Python Specialized Pyrometers

Python Specialized Pyrometers


Python Specialized Series includes digital infrared pyrometers with thermopile sensors available in both short and long spectral ranges for a variety of applications.

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Model-Specific Applications:

  • Python AL814: Non-metallic surfaces; painted, coated or anodized metals

  • Python AL390: Through flames and flue gases

  • Python AL514: Glass surfaces

  • Python ALC02: Through flames and combustion gases that include C02

Features and Facts:

  • USB or Analog output

  • Highly accurate, compact and economical

  • User-friendly PC software for communication

  • Digital display (P110)

  • Integrated laser pilot light

  • Power supply: 24VDC

  • Ruggedized housing

Viper’s Python Series - Specialized Pyrometers

Viper’s Python Series - Specialized Pyrometers