ViperVision Software

ViperVision Software


Monitor for Process Control

Windows-based software suite designed by Viper that provides real-time monitoring, data acquisition and imaging post-analysis of industrial processes

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Just released!

ViperVision is now available. Enhancements in the new version include:

  • Emailing on alarm,

  • Excel report generation, and

  • Zoom capability in the video feed.

ViperVision is a powerful software suite designed by Viper to connect to all FLIR A-series thermal imaging cameras, the FLIR G300a, and Axis visual cameras and can integrate with most industrial platforms. Viper’s systems are capable of continuously monitoring temperature which helps customers avoid a broad range of potential problems - caused by situations such as rapid temperature change to process, overheating of critical components and product non-uniformity. The ViperVision software package allows for real-time monitoring, data acquisition, and imaging post analysis of the industrial processes.

ViperVision is a full-featured software package. Get additional features for your application with our Time Lapse or OPC add-ons.

Software Overview

To describe ViperVision software’s approach, we use the acronym, MAP - Measure, Analyze and Process.

  1. Measure - Through a variety of measurement tools, users can identify specific areas of the image and gather maximum, minimum and average temperatures. These include spots, lines, ellipses, boxes and polygons (otherwise known as Regions of Interest or ROI’s).

  2. Analyze - The various Regions of Interest generated in the Measurement step of the MAP approach can trip alarms for high or low temperature, feed the data to an external component (such as a PLC or SCADA system) or calculate the difference between multiple measurements.

  3. Process - In the Process step the user can choose to initiate an audible alarm, feed an analog temperature measurement or discrete alarm to a remote I/O device, stream data in real-time via OPC or simply record the image(s).