Most industrial manufacturing processes involve heat. Utilizing thermal imaging technology, Viper's systems are capable of continuously monitoring temperature - helping our customers to avoid a broad range of potential problems. These problems can be caused by situations such as rapid temperature change to process, overheating of critical components, and product non-uniformity. 

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

ViperVision Software

ViperVision software is customized to the industrial application and allows us to provide real-time monitoring, data acquisition and imaging post-analysis of the industrial processes. This powerful software suite is designed by Viper to connect to all FLIR A-series thermal imaging cameras and can integrate with most industrial platforms.

ViperVision Monitor is our full-featured base package. Get additional features for your application with our Time Lapse or OPC package add-ons.

ViperVision Control Systems

  • Hot Spot Monitor (1, 5, 10, or 20 cameras)

    • Camera connectivity for all FLIR A-series cameras
    • Region of interest measurements and real-time processing
    • Radiometric image and sequence capture for replay in FLIR Tools
    • Discrete relay alarm triggering with visual and audible alarms
    • Analog (4-20, 0-10) output stream
    • Automated data archival
    • Recipe alarming (comparing multiple ROIs)
    • Password-protected web-server interface
    • Multiple display configuration tool
  • Time-Lapse Module Option

    • Image playback based on event triggers or time-based capture
    • .avi export of radiometric sequences
    • Separate analysis tools (i.e. color palette, ROI tools, playback speed)
    • Time and date filtering
  • OPC Module Option

    • OPC server streams camera diagnostics, ROI data, and alarm outputs
    • Minimize cables and components with simple Ethernet-based integration

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