Most industrial manufacturing processes involve heat. Utilizing thermal imaging technology, Viper's systems are capable of continuously monitoring temperature - helping our customers to avoid a broad range of potential problems. These problems can be caused by situations such as rapid temperature change to process, overheating of critical components, and product non-uniformity. 

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

ViperVision Software

ViperVision software is customized to the industrial application and allows us to provide real-time monitoring, data acquisition and imaging post-analysis of the industrial processes. This powerful software suite is designed by Viper to connect to all FLIR A-series thermal imaging cameras and can integrate with most industrial platforms.

The system is installed on a variety of PC configurations (tower PC, small form factor, ruggedized industrial field-mounted). A NEMA 4 enclosure is typically provided with all systems and includes all necessary components for the configuration and control of the system. The user can specify such characteristics as number of relays, OPC usage, multiple camera views, regions of interest locations, and camera positioning. Image recording is in radiometric format but can easily be covered to non-radiometric video and still images (.avi or .jpeg).

ViperVision Control System

  • Hot Spot Monitor (1, 5, 10, or 20 cameras)

    • Camera connectivity for all FLIR A-series cameras
    • Region of interest measurements and real-time processing
    • Radiometric image and sequence capture for replay in FLIR Tools
    • Discrete relay alarm triggering with visual and audible alarms
    • Analog (4-20, 0-10) output stream
    • Automated data archival
    • Recipe alarming (comparing multiple ROIs)
    • Password-protected web-server interface
    • Multiple display configuration tool
  • Time-Lapse Module Option

    • Image playback based on event triggers or time-based capture
    • .avi export of radiometric sequences
    • Separate analysis tools (i.e. color palette, ROI tools, playback speed)
    • Time and date filtering
  • OPC Module Option

    • OPC server streams camera diagnostics, ROI data, and alarm outputs
    • Minimize cables and components with simple Ethernet-based integration

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